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About Me

My name is Nigel O'Brien and I believe living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong and fit body. 
The aim is to help you identify your fitness goals, design an exercise program that fits your needs and help you every step of the way. 
My approach to health and fitness will have you feeling great and seeing results. Please check out my online services and GET INVOLVED!

What I Do

I offer both Male and Female 8 Week Online Workout Programs. My programs are suited to all levels whether you are a first time gym goer or have been working out for a couple of years. The programs are simple and easy to follow with video demonstrations of every exercise to save you time in the gym. Working out should be simple, effective and most of all enjoyable and that is what these programs are. No week is the same to keep you interested. To see what is included in each program visit the store.



"After doing Nigels 8 week online program I felt so much better. Not only did my body fat percentage drop but I also improved in strength and fitness too. I highly recommend this program and the video demonstrations of each exercise that come with it is so helpful"


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Before Nigel's program I never enjoyed exercise but that changed after I started the program. I had always thought that weights would make me bulky and that cardio was king and I now know that is not the case. During the program i felt my body changing and I also grew the confidence to go to the gym on my own. I would definitely recommend this program.


"Thanks so much for making me achieve my dream body😊 I've been to a few PT's in my time but you are by far the best I've been too. Great sessions and realistic meal plans. Can't wait to keep going and work towards my next goal💪"



"Before I asked Nigel for a program I had never been to the gym consistently before. After the program that changed dramatically, along with my strength and physique. With his help and guidance I`ve managed to achieve goals I do not think i would achieved myself"


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"Starting Nigel`s program was the best thing I`ve ever done! The program is easy to follow and the optional cardio sessions are awesome. The workouts are for anyone at any fitness level and the online support was awesome any questions i had were answered that day. In the end I lost 8kg in 8 weeks. I recommend this program to everyone"